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企业新闻 | 2021-07-26

Boeing Co. has filed plans with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for a secure smartphone designed for defense and security applications.波音公司(Boeing Co. ,BA)日前向美国联邦通讯委员会(Federal Communications Commission, 全称FCC)递交申请人,计划发售一款针对防务及安全性应用于的安全性智能手机。The phone, dubbed Boeing Black, is based on Google Inc.s Android operating system and represents a new foray for the aerospace and defense company into adjacent businesses beyond its traditional slate of airborne products.这款名为Boeing Black、配备谷歌公司(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)操作系统的手机,再度突显了宇航及防务企业超越传统航空产品框架,向邻接业务扩展的希望。Without publicly announcing the planned product, Boeing has posted a description of the device on its website, showing that it features a modular design that can attach sensors to its 5.2-inch tall body for functions such as advanced location tracking, solar charging, satellite transceivers and biometric sensors.波音没公开发表公布产品声明,而在其网站上张贴了产品描述。


根据其叙述,该手机遵循模块化设计理念,其5.2寸机身可装载感应器,以构建仪器定位跟踪、太阳能电池、卫星导航系统以及生物传感等性能。Boeing filed the documents with the FCC on Feb. 24. A Boeing spokeswoman said in a statement the phone is designed to meet the evolving security needs of defense and security customers.波音公司于2月24日向FCC递交了申请人。公司发言人在一份声明中称之为这款手机“意图顺应防务及安全性领域的客户大大变化的安全性市场需求”。

The spokeswoman said Boeing spent more than 36 months researching and developing Black and what it calls the PureSecure architecture. The technology was developed out of a series of acquisitions by Boeing of companies such as Argon ST Inc., Digital Receiver Technology Inc., Kestrel Enterprises Inc., RavenWing Inc. and Solutions Made Simple Inc.该发言人称之为,波音公司历时多达36个月对Boeing Black手机展开研发,并研发出有了被其称为PureSecure的手机架构。其技术研发自波音公司并购了的一系列子公司,还包括Argon ST Inc.、Digital Receiver Technology Inc.、Kestrel Enterprises Inc.、RavenWing Inc以及Solutions Made Simple Inc.。